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OLCOS at the Online Educa 2006 in Berlin

On 30th November 2006 first results of the OLCOS Open eLearning Content Observatory Services Roadmap 2012 were presented at the Online Educa Berlin, the 12th International Conference on Technology supported Learning & Training. The Roadmap 2012 is one of the project activities that aim at fostering the creation, sharing and reuse of Open Educational Practices and Resources.

The presentation provided information about the OLCOS project such as function, focus and the partners involved. Secondly it contained an overview of the content of the Roadmap which informs the user about present and future developments in OER. Therefore the Roadmap included four main areas which are educational policies, institutional frameworks and business models and new tools. Concluding the presentation provided the key observations of the OLCOS' much broader assessment of issues and developments in OER and open educational practices.

The Roadmap 2012 will be available on this website in the beginning of 2007. Interested parties are invited to subscribe the OLCOS Newsletter at to receive the current project-news. Additionally it will present interesting institutions and informative websites around the topic of open eLearning content and resources.

"The OLCOS Roadmap 2012 for the further development of open Educational Practices and Resources" (pdf

Programme "Open Content Intiatives" at Online Educa Berlin, 30th Nov 2006