OLCOS RDF feed https://www.olcos.org/fud/index.php OLCOS RDF feed DISCUSSION INPUT: What are your personal experiences with OER? https://www.olcos.org/fud/index.php?t=rview&goto=36&th=14#msg_36 Dear all,<br /> <br /> our next and final OLCOS discussion forum is about to start. This time, we will focus on the following issue: Personal experiences with OER. More specifically, what are your lessons learned when using OER? How did I capitalize on them in my own teaching? What tips can I provide to other learners?<br /> <br /> I would like to encourage you all to participate in this discussion and share your opinions. <br /> <br /> Looking forward to your replies,<br /> <br /> Markus<br /> mdeimann 2007-11-15T11:02:46-00:00